About Us


That Foliage Life is based in Bendigo, Victoria, Australia. It is owned and operated by Judie, a passionate indoor plant mum, YouTuber and entrepreneur. 

That Foliage Life is dedicated to empowering plant lovers to grow a lush collection by supplying quality indoor plants. Equipping them with practical and non-judgemental advice to keep them thriving, so they can cultivate a relaxing, peaceful and aesthetic space in their own home. We believe indoor plants are the living gifts that keep on giving, bringing peace, life and joy to any space.

We are the newest and upcoming Bendigo indoor plants supplier, alongside beautiful pots, indoor plant books, plant feed and all the other aesthetic household things to go along with them.

That Foliage Life boasts a large range of pots and quality indoor plants. 

We are delighted to meet you! Happy shopping!