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Got a houseplant whose roots are getting too big for its boots? At That Foliage Life, we can repot your plant for you! 

We provide the soil and know-how, just bring your plant and a new pot for it. We also have lots of lovely pots available online if you're looking for new one, or simply pay an extra $4 to have it repotted into a plain nursery pot. 

We use a blend of premium indoor potting mix that Judie uses for all her own indoor plants! It contains orchid bark, horticultural charcoal, perlite and a slow release fertiliser. All plants will also have their leaves cleaned and shined.

Re-potting costs

Small (pot size up to 12cm) - $6

Medium (pot size 12-19cm) - $9

Large ( pot size 19cm - 25cm) - $12

For very large or awkward plants, please get in touch with us at for a quote. 

Please note that we will only repot plants that we believe need to be. Reasons for repotting include (but are not limited to) 

1) Rootbound plants.

2) Plants that are in need of better quality soil.

3) Plants that you want taken out of a nursery pot and replaced into a decorative planter, but not necessarily going up a pot size. 

All care is taken when repotting, it is then your responsibility to ensure it is watered and taken care of once you’ve received your repotted plant.

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