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Sanseveria Snake Plant Robusta Green

Sanseveria Snake Plant Robusta Green

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General care:


These plants will tolerate low to bright indirect light, but if you want flowering and faster growth, place them in bright indirect light.


Water this plant only when the soil is completely dry. Remember, it is a succulent, so its leaves hold moisture.


This plant is incredibly adaptable to most temperatures. The ideal range is between 25-30°C. They can tolerate cooler and warmer temperature fluctuations.


The Sansevieria can handle a wide range of humidity levels, but average household humidity is ideal for this indoor plant.


Fertilize once a month during the growing season with ½-strength complete liquid fertilizer, or simply use a slow release fertilizer in the spring.

Pro Tips

  1. You can root your cuttings in water. Not only do they look fabulous in a water-filled vase, but you will generate another full plant!

  2. Heavy, wet soil is the Sensevieria’s biggest enemy, so use a well-draining soil when you repot.

  3. If the soil becomes compacted from infrequent watering, soak the soil in water for ten minutes to open up the capillaries. This will loosen up the soil.

Plant care written by Planterina.com